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PDF Walking Map with restaurants in the city on Google Map, PDF Tourism Brochure and model sightseeing courses is available.

Hino Shishi-mai

Hino Shishi-mai

Restaurants on Google Map.

Gourmet House Psyche

French restaurant. Famous for French cuisines. Recently its special roll cake was introduced in a magazine.

Tea-ceremony Cuisine, Ki-ichi

Famous Japanese restaurant, which is introduced in Michelin guidebook, offers you creative Japanese food in calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Log house café Sabo-go

Log house café with a pleasant ambience on the mountain road to Kanshin-ji temple and Kongo-san Mountain. Soft sunlight beaming inside the wooden wall café gives you tranquil moment.

Hyaku-nen Mura

A hundred-year old house has remodeled into a modern but retro place. You can enjoy carefully prepared food and favorite music together with people gathering there.

Bistro & Café Lion Garden

Calm and relaxed space for grown-ups. Live music events and delightful classes are held every month.

Nana-iro Café

Enjoy your moment in a retro space depicting Showa period.

Community Space & Café Restaurant Sanpo no tochu Miura

Life is like walking down a long road. Why don’t you take a moment away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and immense yourself in a calm and relaxed atmosphere? You can enjoy scenery of countryside, which changes its look with the lapse of time.

Indian Restaurant Modaka

The chef from India serves mild-cure and low fat but genuine Indian curry with the flavors of the ingredients and spices. Tandoori naan is a good match with the curry.

café villanda

It’s our pleasure to serve as a relaxing place for customers.

COFFEE SHOP Wakoh Kawachinagano shop

We roast beans every day to keep serving fresh coffee so that customers enjoy good cups all the time.


We are a coffee retailer with our own roasting facility. We have coffee beans from many countries in the world and we have our 15 different original blends. You can buy from as little as 100g. You can also enjoy aromatic coffee brewed from fresh beans at the counter in the shop.

BAKERY Pan no Kaze

We use as much homegrown ingredients as possible. French bread, baguette, which is crispy outside and moist inside, is your best buy.

Bake house Kigi

Our bread and confectionaries are made from 100% Japanese flour. Please enjoy the texture and flavor characteristic to Japanese flour. Cream bun full of homemade custard cream is your best buy.

Fresh Bakery Cotton

Loaves of bread, sweet buns, cooked buns and sandwiches are ready for the customers right from the opening. We recommend pain de mie the best, which is rich with butter flavor and when toasted it’s crispy outside and moist inside.


We sell and repair bicycles and answers inquiries about bicycles. We can also sell and attach parts to your bike or take care of adjustment and check-up. Our pizzas come in 8 kinds and they are fluffy and filling American style.

Café & Grillroom Bikuri

Locally popular western inspired cuisine restaurant. The chef’s recommends are beef stew, tongue stew and tail stew. Our lunch course is 1,000 yen with soup, rice and a choice of meat or fish for the main dish.

Café & Restaurant Poem

Please taste our water drip coffee and our homemade cake with the natural scenery of Oku-kawachi. Our coffee is brewed from our exclusive blend that matches the groundwater from the Mt. Kongo range. The lunch menu is also popular.