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What kind of place is Kawachinagano? This is how to get to Kawachinagano.

City of Cultural Assets

City of Cultural Assets

What kind of place is Kawachinagano?

Kawachinagano is located at the southeast corner of Osaka prefecture. There are the Kongo mountain range and Nara prefecture to the east and to the south the Wakayama mountain range and Wakayama prefecture, thus the city area forms a triangular shape pointed to the north. It occupies the third largest area in Osaka prefecture and 70% of the city area is forest. There are plain fields along the rivers such as Ishi-kawa river and Ishimi-gawa river and they stretch out toward the north to the Kawachi-heiya plain. Most of the city area is covered with sandstone layer and is suitable for growing rice, vegetables and fruits due to the fertile soil and humid and mild inland climate.

What is Oku-Kawachi?

We named the southeast lush area of Osaka prefecture around Kawachinagano “Oku-Kawachi”. In this area there are Kongo-san mountain, the highest in Osaka prefecture, and Iwawaki-san mountain with Japanese silver grass field and you can enjoy mountain climbing and hiking. The Koya-kaido highway that leads to Koya-san (Mt. Koya), a World Heritage site, goes through this area and there are historically famous spots such as Kanshin-ji temple and Amano-san Kongo-ji temple. Please come visit Oku-Kawachi where you can experience abundant nature. It’s only a train ride away from Osaka city.

Local Industrial Products

Toothpicks, Sudare blinds, Malleable Cast Iron, Bearings, etc.

Local Agricultural Products

Mandarin oranges, Peaches, Amano-sake, Shiitake mushrooms, Pears, Grapes, Chestnuts, etc.


Koya-highway (ancient pilgrim road to Mt. Koya) with streets from old days, historic buildings such as Kanshin-ji temple and Amano-san Kongo-ji temple, lush nature such as mountain forests at Mt. Kongo and Mt. Iwawaki or Takihata 48 Falls.

Access to Kawachinagano