Invitation to Traditional Performing ArtsInvitation to Traditional Performing Arts

Here is an introduction to “Hino Shishi-mai (Lion Dance)” and “Nishindai-Kagura”, which are both traditional performing arts of Kawachinagano.




Nishindai Kagura (Shinto music and dance) is an Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Kawachinagano.

A folklore goes as follows ; The local lord, Honda Tadamune was reposted from Nishindai governor’s office to Kanbe in Ise in 1732. People dedicated this Kagura at Nishindai-jinja shrine to honor the memory of the lord.

This Kagura is a typical Ise Kagura style and consists of ten different dances; “Suzu-no-mai”, “Ken-no mai”, “Shiho-gake”, “Uta-tsurugi”, “Yoshino-mai”, “Ohgi-no-mai”, “Tama-no-mai”, “Kamiki-mai”, “Shira-jishi” and “Hana-no-mai”.
The person who takes the part of the lion and the people play the music wear the same costume, the indigo colored kimono and the brownish-red divided skirts. Only the clown called Maneshi wears different costume.

This Kagura is performed in front of the main shrine on the eve of the forest festival of Nishindai-jinja shrine every year.

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