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Here is information about the Tourist Information Office and typical sightseeing spots and accommodations.

Tourist InformationTourist Information

Tourist Information

Tourist office, Kawachinagano Station

Located in front of the station. Tourist information available.

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Okukawachi Kuromaro Village

Blended into the scenery of country hill, it’s a brand new place to find products of Okukawachi.

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Kanshinji Temple

A temple established in 701 by En no Gyoja, the founder of Shugendo.

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Amanosan Kongoji Temple

This temple is said to be established by Gyoki at the order of Emperor Shomu in the Nara Period.

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Enmeiji Temple

This temple was established in 810-824 when Kukai carved a stone image of a Jizo.

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Eboshigata Hachiman Shrine

At Mt. Eboshigata there used to be a castle known as Eboshigata Castle.

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Nagano Shrine

The main hall has been designated an Important Cultural Property.

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Tsumayoji Gallery

Materials exhibits relating to toothpicks (tsumayoji) and sales of Kawachinagano specialty items.

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Kawachinagano City Furusato Historical Museum

Come experience the history of Kawachinagano!

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Takihata Furusato Bunkazainomori Center

Preserves the culture of the Takihata district, which was flooded with the construction of the dam.

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Sudare Museum

Exhibits historical materials related to bamboo blind, which is a local specialty item.

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General Forestry Center (Kinkonkan)

You can make your own adorable wooden kitchen play toys or savings box.

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Teragaike Park

As the only general park in Kawachinagano, this park was built around Teragaike Pond.

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Osaka Prefectural Flower Garden

There is something worth seeing here all year round.

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Nandina of Amami

Nandina flowers from June to July, and bears bright red seeds around December.

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Have funHave fun

Have fun

Kansai Cycle Sports Center

The Kansai Cycle Sports Center has alternative types of bicycles.

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Kotakiji Campsite, Takihata Lakeshore, Nature Resort Village

Nature Resort Village. The site has a restaurant and other amenities.

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The 48 Waterfalls of Takihata

Collectively they have long been known as the 48 Waterfalls of Takihata.

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Mt. Iwawaki

Softly blowing in the wind, Wild flowers soften the hearts of hikers passing through.

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Mt. Kongo

As the highest peak in Osaka, Mt. Kongo is a mountain that boasts many climbers.

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Just an 8-minute walk from Kawachinagano Station, Kawachinagano-so features natural hot springs.

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Obanaryokan Fukitei

This is an ideal spot to use as a base for exploring the sights of Kawachinagano.

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Cuisine Yae-Bekkan

Feel free to use this Japanese-style inn as your home base for leisure activities and sightseeing.

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Amami-onsen Nanten-en

Visitors can enjoy seasonal Japanese cuisine and natural hot springs during their stay.

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